India has been the centre point of instruction for quite a long time. Prior, the instruction in India started under the supervision of a master and the settings of training in India were regularly far from the primary urban areas. Understudies were relied upon to take after strict devout rules recommended by the master and remain in ashrams. Continuously, India set up a decent instructive system with a western educational modules in light of direction in English. In the long run various instructive and learning centres, all inclusive schools, colleges, universities grew the country over expecting to grant training to its differing populace.

Life experience schools show themselves in various routes in various social orders. For instance, in a few social orders youngsters begin life experience school at a prior age than in others. In a few social orders, a custom has created in which families send their kids to a similar all inclusive school for ages.

One reason some of the time expressed for sending youngsters to life experience schools is to create more extensive skylines than their family can give. A life experience school went to by a family for ages may characterise the way of life guardians try to for their kids. Similarly, by picking an elegant live-in school, guardians may try to empower their youngsters to blend on meet terms with offspring of the privileged societies. Be that as it may, such expressed reasons may not be explanations behind sending a tyke far from home.

Conventional life experience schools don’t enable understudies to wander out of the school but travels. Guardians regularly concede the circumstance is upsetting however they had no other alternative at that point.


Boarding schools have evolved in recent times mainly because of nuclear families and that both the parents work to earn the living. In these cases parents needs that someone should take care of their child during working hours and in order to solve this problem concept of Boarding school came into existence.


In earlier times boarding school used to be different. Children were sent there and there was specified time when parents and relatives can meet them. Children used to live there and study there as well. But these day boarding school has emerged as “ DAY-BOARDING”.  There are schools giving this facility which is a rest for working guardians. Worldwide schools like Phoenix International School offers this facility  which include day school up to 6 pm , five-day boarding (ends of the week with guardians) and standard seven-day boarding with a completely furnished clinic with a school specialist and medical attendants accessible round the clock.

Today, the pattern of the life experience school has moved to day-boarding. There are schools giving this office which is a rest for working guardians. Worldwide schools like Genesis Global School offers cutting edge loading up offices which incorporate stretched out day school up to 6 pm (day-loading up), five-day loading up (ends of the week with guardians) and consistent seven-day loading up with a completely furnished hospital with a school specialist and medical attendants accessible round the clock.

Guardians generally settle on such schools uniquely those living in the nearby region of the school, as close as living over the street. Pathways is likewise one of the main schools in India offering a similar office. Indeed, the school is a pioneer in presenting the idea of day boarding and private schools.


  • The child is always in someone’s supervision and is exposed to new information and learns new things.
  • PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: Child learns to be self- dependent and does not depend on parents for doing their work.
  • TEACHER STUDENT INTERACTION: As students spend more time with teachers and so they develop a stronger and good bond with their teachers. As class size is small in day boarding so teachers are able to give more time to each student.
  • BALANCED DIET: When child is in school during day time, he is given healthy and a balanced diet and so child remains away from junk food and other unhealthy food. In this manner child develop good eating habit as well. Facility for crisp, dietary and sound nourishment at a day-live-in school guarantees that the best possible eating regimen of the youngster is dealt with. It likewise alleviates guardians from early-morning misfortunes of planning breakfast and lunch for the kid. Eating at school mess additionally enables the tyke to grow great social dietary patterns and table decorums.
  • Perfect for working Parents: Parents who spend long working hours think that its reasonable that kid spend additional hours in learning condition of school to prepare numerous more parts of the kid’s identity.
  • Less Distractions: Day Boarding school does not offer chance to the tyke to include themselves in any hurtful exercises or propensities as they deal with strict timetables and the vast majority of the day-time is spend in school.
  • Proficient Training for Extra-Curricular Activities: More time and better preparing for co-academic exercises at school guarantees consul prepping of tyke’s ability in numerous territories.
  • Better Social Life Quotient: Children investing greater quality energy at school have a tendency to grow better relationship through gathering exercises, social connections and occasions.

Comfort is critical, inhabitant students in boarding appreciate the advantages of the phenomenal games offices that are on offer. The boarding offices are worked with regards to universal principles and are lined up with the parameters set forth by school’s outside associate schools also. Guardians locate this sort of extravagance perfect for their kids in such a focused domain.The schools are likewise all around furnished with an ideal mix of innovation, current instructional method, culture and development at a global stage. There are experienced experts who are driving the co-curricular exercises in school.

The day boarding schools are putting forth nourishment in schools and include youngsters in different co-curricular, innovative and recreational exercises for which understudies remain no less than three to four hours additional after school is finished. The kids are additionally presented with nourishment, including breakfast, lunch, bites and well being drinks, for which guardians need to pay Rs 800-Rs 3,000 additional than that of the expenses paid by day scholars. We all know that education is important and parents do their best to give their child best education. This concept helps students as well as parents for making their lives easier.




5 Thoughts on “Concept of day boarding school”

  • Day boarding school in Allahabad is a new concept and is very helpful. Children learn to be self dependent and learn more when they are at school. it also helps parents to concentrate better on their work.

  • Thank you Anjali for your views. Yes the concept of boarding school in Allahabad is new but it is growing and people are getting used to it. We at Phoenix International School are trying best to serve students and parents and be the best boarding school in Allahabad.

  • I don’t like this concept of day boarding school in Allahabad. Parents should give enough time to their children rather than leaving them at school and working.

    • Thank you Vikas for your views. I agree that parents should give proper time to their kids and specially at growing age. But what if they are not able to do so because of their occupation, we all know about the importance of education . I can understand that boarding school in Allahabad should maintain the standard so that best care of the students can be taken.

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