Fee hike in best school in allahabad

If we talk about the Best school in Allahabad, all are charging a high amount of fees for their services. These days education has became a business for many of the businessman. Schools have turned education into a business. Recently twenty students were expelled in a private school in Mumbai as their parents were protesting against hike in fee. Every individual has right to public services like health and education
and we strive our best to make our state a such that provides these basic facilities to every individual, but with the increase in privatisation there have been more cases wherein parents are harassed through frequent fee hike. Most of the best school in Allahabad are charging huge amount of fee in return of good education.

Best school in Allahabad
Fee hike in best school in Allahabad


Now comes the question about the reason for fee hike in private schools. As per the schools authorities, they give the reason as increase in rate of goods and services, books, uniform etc. While in a circular dated 19 April 2017, CBSE issued an advisory to not to indulge in commercial activities by way of selling of books, stationery, uniforms, school bag etc within the school premises or through selected vendors. Even the Best School in Allahabad are charging high fee for the services which they provide like boarding school facility. No doubt the concept of boarding school is good, but putting so much burden on parents is not at all done.


It is high time that commercialisation of education must be stopped. We all have the right to education as our fundamental right and it should be given to everyone. All best school in Allahabad and as well as in other parts of the country should follow the norms given by state and central government regarding the fee structure.

The second most populated nation of the world has a potential statistic advantage which is appreciated by none. With more than 65 percent of India’s populace beneath the age of 25, plainly giving sound instruction can guarantee a profitable workforce and additionally hearty economy in future.

While India’s instruction gauges have enhanced significantly, a great deal still should be done so as to ensure that its advantages are harvested by all. Like every single other division, the passage of private players has changed the circle of training totally. Since the quantity of colleges and additionally government schools has not kept pace with the expanding populace and the thriving interest, the attack of private players was viewed as a key advance.

There is almost certainly that non-public schools and universities have high expenses and diverse principles, yet they have helped a huge number of understudies who are not ready to get entrance into government universities or schools. The reasons can be different including reservation, scarcity of seats, and deficient framework among others. Excepting a couple of like Indian Institute of Technology, NIT’s, IISC, FMS, Delhi University schools, there are relatively few state organisations that one can anticipate joining. India has countless yet they do not have the sort of foundation and in addition have staff lack not at all like their US partners. This is one reason why understudies are headed to private colleges and schools.These private universities and schools may charge high expenses yet they additionally give a helpful domain, great offices alongside sensible training standard for development of understudies.

The passage of outside colleges in India is another essential advancement which has prompted commercialization of training. Doubters may contend that their sole thought process is to make benefit. In any case, it is the state’s disappointment and failure to give sound instruction and offices to a huge lump of its populace that has prompted the section of private and remote players.

In the event that tuition based schools and universities have prompted increment in the enlistment of understudies and also helped in carrying out workforce with a decent instruction in the course of the most recent couple of years, it is praiseworthy what they have figured out how to accomplish. Indeed, the administration can intercede by directing some piece of the expense structure and also guaranteeing that no gifts are taken from guardians.

In the event that India figures out how to build its enlistment to 100 % schools and in addition lessen the dropout rate, which has just descended, the nation can set a case as well as be a centre of instruction in future.

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