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Renowned Greek philosopher, Plato is credited to introduce the concept of Co-education. He believed that boys and girls should be treated equally. Co-education is the type of schooling in which boys and girls study & learn together. This system eliminates any impartation between boys and girls and gives them equal opportunity to study, play, read, write and learn together, and let them grow in the surrounding where people are not discriminated on the basis of their sex.

Advantages of Co-education


  • It creates a very healthy and competitive environment among the students of both sexes. As per natural tendency of human, it encourages the students to perform better and to beat the opposite sex, which helps them to use advances techniques in order to get better grades and jobs.
  • Co-education system enables students to freely interact and share their ideas on different topics as usually girls and boys have different perspectives for same subject. It has been analysed that the students are more confident and comfortable with opposite sex rather than students who got education from single gender school system as they hesitate and feel uncomfortable in sharing their view and interacting with opposite sex.
  • Co-education system enables the students to be prepared for real world experience where students have to interact, communicate and work with other sex. It also enhances the skill of collaboration with opposite sex which is very important aspect of social life.
  • The exposure and free interaction with other sex also helps to build a friendly environment. It also advances open mindedness in students and creates a positive effects on their behaviour as different gender usually have different thoughts and attitudes.


  • In Co-education system the students interact with opposite sex on regular basis which encourages and grows a relationship of respect among them, which discourages the discrimination on the basis of sex. It also provides a chance to work on equal level and enhances the ability to think and work more efficiently.
  • Co-education system is more economical, as both genders can learn in the same institute and there is no need to build separate institutes and to arrange different teachers for different sex.
  • Co-education system also helps in breaking the myth of stereotype field. Both genders can learn anything which was earlier supposed to be driven by any specific gender, which helps students to accomplish anything that they want in any desired field without any social or gender based discrimination.
  • In Co-education system, students can divide the work as per the capability and best suited for them according to prevailing conditions.
  • In today’s development, a new sex has been introduced for transgender, Co-education system helps transgender to live, learn, study, play equally with others deprived of any discrimination from society.


In early Vedic Society (Ancient India), co-education  was predominant in a couple of spots. Be that as it may, step by step female training started to be overlooked. Besides, the arrangement of training was very not quite the same as that of today. The young men remained in Gurukuls, for the entire instructive period. There they got both in scholarly instruction and physical preparing. The previous incorporated the investigation of the sacred texts and the last mentioned, preparing in fighting. Young ladies were not sent to the Gurukuls, and subsequently were denied of the advantages of training.

There are sure commentators who are as yet holding the preservationist see that by concentrate in co-eduction establishments our young ladies end up noticeably indecent and awkward and that their ethical character additionally gets smudged. These pundits are surmise that the decay of profound quality in the present age is the immediate result of co-instructive framework. There is positively no reality in these false and ridiculous charges against co-instruction. Co-education neither taints a young lady nor a kid. Instructive establishments are the spots of learning. Co-education doesn’t make understudies unclean, unholy or unethical. Whenever young men and young ladies can appreciate blended get-togethers and gatherings, at that point where lies the mischief on the off chance that they examine together?

In a co-education school, young men are allowed to meet and converse with young ladies. They build up a sentiment kinship among themselves. Young men at that point, more often than not don’t enjoy eve-prodding. Co-training adds to the adjusted advancement of the identity of young men and young ladies.

Presently on the off chance that we measure the contentions of the two sides we will discover truth in both. In India co-education begins at the school level when free blending amongst young men and young ladies isn’t conceivable in light of the fact that at this adult stage they are especially sex-concious and modesty remains in their direction. The outcome is that young men by and large show within the sight of young ladies fake conduct. Co-training, in this manner, if begins ideal from the essential stage so that when understudies enter school their sole point comes to be to focus on thinks about as opposed to on any undesirable enthusiasm for sex. Co-instruction in India in the current condition and mental make-up may accomplish more damage than great.Co-education separates the confusions of each sex about the other and gives an amazing establishment to the improvement of practical, important and enduring connections in later life.

I considered in a co-education school. Furthermore, I should concede, it is additionally exceptionally effective in testing sexist states of mind. Numerous subjects in auxiliary school take into account significant classroom dialog and open deliberations. In our school, both the female and male points of view were investigated in such talks and this was an essential learning background for all. In doing as such, we discovered that ‘balance’ does not signify ‘similarity’ and that men and ladies regularly have alternate points of view on similar issues and that each approach has an incredible arrangement to offer the other.

Decent variety will play an expansive come later on of our understudies,; instructive foundations ought to advance co-education and the movement of assorted variety and consideration all through lesson designs.

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