Allahabad is one of the most popular and densely populated city of Uttar Pradesh. As of 2011 census, it is seventh most populous city in the state. Allahabad is famous as a  religious  city and is know for its education. Allahabad was considered as an education hub for preparation of civil services exam few time back. But if we talk about career opportunities in Allahabad, it is much below than the other cities of the state. There are very few job in Allahabad.


If we talk about the reason for the issue, it is primarily because of low rate of development in the city. As compared to other major cities in the state, the rate at which Allahabad is developing is very slow. Government has to take some major steps and create more opportunities for job in Allahabad.


There is a major need to create more job in Allahabad. It is state government’s responsibility to look after the matter and do the needful. There are very few job opportunities there. Quality jobs are not there and as a result youngsters have to move to other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Noida for job.

Major mode of earning is that by business. Most of the people are involved in their business and are earning livelihood by that.  The city has got lots of talented students but lack of opportunity for job in Allahabad is the reason that they have to move out. A big part of population is involved in teaching field. They are teaching in the best school of Allahabad and other small schools in order to earn livelihood.

Government should set up more corporate offices and other BPO in the city in order to crate job opportunity in the city. There should be more consultancies that can provide job to the students in the same city rather that in other cities. Even young people should plan and start their companies and corporate offices in the city to create more job in Allahabad.


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