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Fast foods … Junk foods … Processed foods. All these have taken routine in our lives. These are tasty, hassle-free, and some of the best ‘anytime’ snacks that always have at least a couple of takers. While junk foods are present everywhere in society, it remains a bone of argument whether these should be allowed in schools or whether there is a need for banning them. In present scenario, it is found that many students prefer to have noodles/processed food than the freshly cooked traditional meal in their lunchbox. Even it is found that after school child demand their Parents to go to a Burger Parlour to have one. The junk food must be avoided for the sake of better health & life style.


junk food

The Pros of Junk Food


Quick and Easy

One of the main advantages of allowing junk food in schools is that if on a particular day a child does not carry a lunch bag then he does not have to remain hungry and can easily have something to quench his hunger. Most of these foods are also quite cheap and handy.


Change in Routine

Having junk food as a change in routine instead of making it a part of one’s staple diet is considered alright. It does not have major effects on a person’s health either if this approach is used and they are consumed once in a way. The problem only arises if it is being consumed regularly.


Cooking Healthy

There are certain junk and processed foods that are made largely unhealthy by loading them with oils and unhealthy ingredients like excess sodium (found in salt) in order to achieve a longer shelf life. Instead of that, if foods like potato chips or juices are made available in the school cafeteria, there will be no need to depend on unhealthy choices from outside. Thus the same taste and thrill of having junk foods can be experienced without having to give in to unhealthy choices.


The Cons Of Junk Food


Unhealthy Ingredients

Junk food are loaded with sodium, salts, and sugar which are very harmful to the human body because they cannot be broken down and therefore they build deposits in the body. Along with that, they also prevent the absorption of important minerals and nutrients, thereby directly affecting a person’s immune system and metabolism, among other functions.


Obesity & Other Health Issues

One of the main effects of junk food is that it leads to obesity. With the reduced physical activity in this day and age, these unhealthy snacks add to the problem even more. These foods could also lead to insulin resistance in a person , heart problems like high blood pressure, liver and kidney problems, and a weakened immune system.


Affects Performance

The sugar and sodium content starts off a very unhealthy cycle in a person’s system. The minute he/she has a snack, there is a sudden burst of sugar and the person gets a spike of energy making him overactive and hyper. As the effects of the snack begin to fade, the person becomes inactive and less aware. Until the time he takes another snack. Thus, he begins to depend on the snacks to get energy boosts. This, not only sets off a dependency on the snacks, but a non-availability of the same causes low energy levels, lack of concentration, and lethargy. All of which have a direct effect on the student’s performance.



The toppings has sauces and blobs of mayonnaise. Salt is available in sufficient amount in every one of the sauces utilized on these fixings and fillings of burgers, French fries and plates of mixed greens. Handled Contents:

Junk food is more prepared and has less regular supplements. It has a less fiber which gives vitality.



Sausage, burgers and sandwiches have chunks of cheddar layered on the filling. These likewise have mayonnaise spread on it which additionally contains extreme fat. The oil utilized for the fries is swelling.

 Included Sugar

The amounts of included sugar in the nourishment and refreshments are alarmingly higher than whatever other sweet sustenance that we typically devour. Not to overlook the additional sustenance hues in the soft drinks and colas.

Junk food  impacts on well-being of youngsters are numerous and horrifying. Here are the main ten reasons how garbage nourishment influences kids and why you ought to guarantee your youngster avoids junk sustenance:

Increased Blood Pressure

  • The sodium in the salt expands the pulse.
  • This is the underlying driver of hypertension.
  • This thus debilitates the circulatory arrangement of the body.


  • Your youngster likely gets a sentiment completion in the tummy while expending garbage nourishment.
  • It is deprived of sugar and protein which give vitality.
  • Your tyke progresses toward becoming are worn out and depleted out.
  • Subsequently, it winds up noticeably troublesome for your kid to play out the day by day assignments.

Less Emotional Quotient

  • Hormonal unevenness is a noteworthy change experienced in the developing a very long time of 6-12.
  • Your kid will encounter a ton of emotional episodes and changes in conduct.
  • A nutritious eating regimen is basic to keep up a sound, hormonal adjust which garbage sustenance will deny your offspring of.
  • Misery is one of the regular impacts of garbage nourishment habit in kids.

Kidney Disease

  • Expanded circulatory strain influences the kidney’s capacity.
  • A typical impact of expanded Sodium levels is Edema-water maintenance in the body.
  • It is one of the indications of a useless kidney.


  • The sugar in the colas, soft drinks and refreshments contain high measure of sugar. The nonappearance of different supplements in garbage nourishment to bring the best out of sugar causes antagonistic impacts on your youngster.
  • High odds of glitch of insulin emission.
  • Could bring about Diabetes compose 2 in your tyke now or at a later age.



  • The fat utilized for enhancing and flavoring in the junk food  collects in the body.
  • Low vitality levels don’t urge your kid to take part in physical action.
  • Prompts heftiness.
  • A hazard on the heart.
  • Lessens the confidence of your kid.

 Stomach related Disorder

  • The base of the garbage sustenance is more prepared and has less characteristic supplements.
  • It has less fiber.
  • Odds of stoppage are more.
  • Subsequently danger of intestinal issue, colon growth at a later period of life.

Impeded Growth

  • Your developing tyke needs all the center supplements required for a decent bone and dental development.
  • Includes overabundance weight the thighs and hips
  • Prompts an early beginning of Osteoporosis.
  • Sugar could cause tooth rot to the changeless teeth setting in.

 Coronary illness

  • Sections of cheddar are the principle fixing in junk food.
  • Fat raises cholesterol levels.
  • Stores in the channels of the heart
  • Foundation of coronary illness.
  • Odds of a stroke are high in the later phases of life.

Moderate Brain-Work

  • Pre-teenagers must be in the race to demonstrate better. Junk food needs supplements which give sharpness to the cerebrum.
  • Prompts failure to focus on the undertakings.
  • Maintenance capacities are low.
  • Lessens the learning capacities.

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