Praduman Murder case

Today the headline of almost every newspaper is the CBI report for Praduman murder case, two months back in Ryan International School. Earlier it was found that the murder was committed by his Bus Conductor, but now after further investigations, in CBI report the accused is a 11th standard kid. The reason for his murder is just to postpone the upcoming examination in schools.

The investigation process of our Police is questionable as both reports contradicting each other and accusing different people.


Praduman Murder case

However we are not here to discuss about the relevancy of the murder case. But we are here to understand the mindset of the boy who is accused and the heart breaking murder of an innocent child. Its really very painful that a boy just killed a child for postponing an examination, and the school’s responsibility over the child’s security is remarkably shameful.

What is next generation up-to? What they can do just to solve a simple proble, just to postpone examination one can kill an innocent . What are we teaching our kids, where are moral values, where is understanding of correct and incorrect? Praduman murder case has left  many question for parents as well as for students.


Why students are forced and pressurised so much by parents and teachers regarding examination. When will parents stop pressurising kids for getting good marks, when will system make such rules so that students are not afraid of examination. These are the things on which we need to think.


The parents must know their responsibility to educate their child about the good and bad in the society. They should teach their child about discouraging the crimes, offences, exploitation, bullying to other students. The childen are our future and we all should give them sense of responsibility. They must know their role in building a better future with mutual team work.

Eventually schools must also understand their role and try to provide a safe environment to the child specially kids. Mostly it is analysed that small kids being molested and exploited more than any other age group. There must be proper surveillance system and all kids must be accompanied or watched by a responsible school staff. There must be a counselling class for small kids to understand their fear or and bad experience, if any whom they passed. Meanwhile the parents also must understand their responsibility towards their kids. They should talk with their kids regularly so that they can share their feelings or views, which will help them to understand the psychology of their kids. Their support will encourage their kids to judge the things rightfully and will help to make a better future for them.

Praduman murder case has left us with lots of question to ask ourselves. Where is innocence of a 11th standard student gone? What has led him to take such a step? What kind of pressure was the child going through? These are the questions that are to be answered by us.. by society.. and by students as well.


4 Thoughts on “Praduman Murder Case: What is next generation upto?”

  • Whatever the pressure was for this student, he killing a child shows that he was not brought up properly. Schools should start removing kids of bullying nature. The student telling his friends that he is going to do something “big” to postpone exams shows he could go till this extent to show off.

    • It is true Mr.Joshi that the child was not brought up properly. So now here comes the responsibility of parents as well as school authorities to keep an eye on children and their activities. Praduman murder case has already left the country with many unanswered questions and strict steps should be taken against it. Thanks for your views and do read our other articles as well and share your views.

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