Traditional education

It is observed in India, that most of the parents are trying to give the same education system which they have followed or to say traditional education. They are on routine of their belief that a professional degree and higher marks only can give a better future to their child. However, it is arguable that now there is lots of transformation in education pattern as compared to the last decades.

Parents mostly living in rural areas pressurise their child to become a professional patron like engineering and medical practitioners, for their social reputation rather than their child’s wish.

Traditional education 1

Now its more important what child want to be. In today’s scenario, the education system has remarkably changed to Academic, as well as sports & other activities. Now child are equally indulged in different fields like sports, music, photography etc. rather being like a nerd who act as book worm. It is important for the parents also to change their perspective and flow with the change in time & conditions. Parents need to understand that traditional education just cannot do enough in every field.

We all know that all children are unique and bear different qualities in them. It is important for their parents to identify their interest and help them to grow and perform in their desired field. Many cases have been found that child may be inclined towards sports rather than studies, while parents think that their child must give best in his studies. In the research also it is found, brain works differently for individuals which enhances the skills as per reflexes and show the same inclination towards the particular field. If a child having an amazing reflex towards his sports then he cannot perform in other fields as perfectly as his preferred area. Like not every child can be singer as their vocal cords and body cannot let him to perform well.

So emphasising the same aspects, parents must identify and encourage their child to perform as per his interest & quality rather than imposing their (parents’) own dreams just for the sake of social reputation to satiate their ego quotient.

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